A lifelong interest in sports, fitness and nutrition, and a perpetual fascination with the experience of being human. Certified Urban Poling Instructor and CSEP Certified Personal Trainer with a degree in Physical and Health Education. My mission is to inspire people to keep moving for life!

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Lori Andrade
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As my Nordic Walk 150 Challenge continued, I decided to create a challenge within a challenge and walk 150 kilometres in November.  What that meant was 5 km per day for 30 days. To give it extra meaning and focus…

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This past summer I had the opportunity to share Nordic pole walking with an enthusiastic group who come together in a small-town church to practice yoga.  I was introduced to them by my sister who is one of the dedicated…

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It seems like I am writing a back to school assignment: “What I Did During My Summer Vacation”.  This summer I had the opportunity to visit two of my favourite parts of our great country, which is rather fitting in…

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